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Seriously–When do the ebooks come out? 30 June, 2007

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You’ll recall that there has been a little bit of talk regarding the possibility of the iPhone as an ebook reading device.  

Not having had the chance to mess around with the iPhone myself, I’m taking it from Mike Cane that the device might be more than up to the task. Mike got to play with the iPhone and has this to say:

“That screen is to die for! It is so bright, it’s practically religious! No, really!”


“That soft keyboard — hey, it worked pretty much all right. I was very surprised at how responsive it was.”


So far the iPhone boasts a good screen and the ability to take notes. Not to mention the potential ease of acquiring information directly from the interweb. Sounds like a really great platform for ebook reading to me.

(Are you there, Steve Jobs? It’s me, the Grumpy Humanist…)


Good Old American Paranoia

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Question: “Enemy agents could contaminate the city water supply. How can we protect ourselves from BW attacks?”

The answer: “Keep yourself and your family clean!”

But of course.


Mitt Romney: Dog Lover 29 June, 2007

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Today, I was reading Smalldogarific and found an excellent article about an awful incident involving Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, an Irish Setter, and diarrhea.

According to Smalldogarific, it seems that “back in 1983 he placed his Irish Setter, Seamus, in a carrier on the roof of the family car for a 12-hour trip from Boston to Ontario.” Naturally, Seamus reacted to this situation with a so-called “diarrhea attack.”

Mitt Romney describes the experience

Mitt Romney: what a classy guy.

Perhaps some of you might be a little puzzled by my being a fan of a blog about small dogs given my recent open letter to small-breed dog owners.



Lee Baca: Sheriff to the Stars

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Like many of you, I found it ever-so-shady when Sheriff Lee Baca attempted to spring Paris from her prison cell just a few days into her sentence. Apparently Baca felt that Paris was suffering too much in jail because of her “claustrophobia.” Seriously, guys, when was the last time you heard of anyone being handed a Get Out of Jail Free Card for freaking claustrophobia?

This video makes me even more suspicious. No, there isn’t any proof that Baca was paid off by the Hiltons or caved under some sort of pressure, however one must inevitably wonder whether or not Sheriff Baca is as forthright as he claims to be.


Anderson Cooper hates Paris Hilton

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I didn’t catch Paris Hilton’s interview with Larry King the other day, but according to Trent from Pink is the New Blog, I didn’t miss much.

His Pink-ness writes: I wasn’t at all surprised that she invoked God’s name in the first 10 minutes of the interview (saying something like God has a reason for everything) nor was I surprised to find that she was still blaming other people for what happened to her (instead of admitting that she violated her probation, she still made sure to note that it was her lawyer’s fault for giving her the wrong information).

Anderson Cooper, mega-hot fiercely intelligent journalist that he is, had a few things to say about Paris, Larry King’s soft-ball questions, and Paris’ lack of “appeal.” The clip also contains plenty of clips of Paris acting like an idiot, so enjoy!

I think my favorite part is when Larry asks Paris what her favorite Bible verse is, and Ms. Hilton looks like a dear in headlights. Even when she’s trying to act serious, it’s clear that, when it comes to Paris, there’s no there there.


Hobbit News–Still Creepy-Looking

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Meet Homo floresiensis–the extinct little man who is (possibly) going to give us silly Homo sapiens a run for our money when it comes to being the most interesting hominid in the last few million years.

Nicknamed “the Hobbit” because of its child-like size, H. floresiensis has been the subject of much continuing debate and inquiry since its discovery in 2003.

Hobbit's head

Thanks to, the coolest anthropology blog on the net.


I Blame You, Chris Matthews

Fabulous political blog Hysterical Raisins points out something so obvious and simple that, of course, I completely neglected to realize it. I’ve talked a little about Ann Coulter in the past and my feelings toward her are (putting it politely) a little less than warm. Something about her hateful vitriol and glee at calling people “faggot” sort of makes me want to keep my distance from her. and/or collapse her vocal cords.

I’ve wondered just why people even listen to Ann anymore, but now I get it. It’s all Chris Matthew’s fault.

Chris Matthews

Hysterical Raisins has some very insightful things to shout say: “Chris, you spitting, slobbering sack of shit! Why does she say that stuff? Ever think that maybe it’s because imbeciles like you give her air time and attention?”Of course, part of Chris’ tolerance of Ann must surely have something to do with the almighty quest for ratings. But, I don’t know… There seems to be something a bit deeper going on between these two.