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Jane Freakin’ Eyre 27 June, 2007

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Hey, Charlotte Bronte. I know you’re dead, but you still freaking rock, lady.

Jane Eyre: One Fine GILF

Amazing. Couldn’t put it down. It was like glued to my hands for the last week or so while I experienced all the drama that a Bronte could put on a page (or, in my case, the screen of my Sony Reader.)

I’ve never been one for gothic romances, but somehow this book is the exception. Inevitably, the prose is rather dated in some respects, however the vivid portrayals of human nature (good, bad, and in-between) are still spot-on. If you can get over Jane calling her love, “Master,” you’ll be fine–some of you may even be into that.

I think it’s sort of a feminist work, as well. It features a heroine whose just as rich and complex as any other character, with a fierce determination to follow her own path. I think at the time it must have been rather controversial in that respect–maybe still is now, considering all the fluffy chick-lit out there.


2 Responses to “Jane Freakin’ Eyre”

  1. […] to think of it, I tend to cry a lot when I read… I did it three times during Jane Eyre and maybe four times during His Dark Materials […]

  2. here here to that! one of my all time fave’s

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