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My Uterus. My Self. 28 June, 2007

Filed under: A Call to Change,Clarian Health,Feminism,Infertility,Videos — feliza @ 3:02 pm

Apologies for the lack of embedded video–I couldn’t quite figure out how to get it from their website to my blog.

Annoying freaking infertility commercial from Clarian Health.

Oh, how this chaps my ass. Every time I see this on TV, I have to remind myself that not every woman is stupid enough to think like the woman from the commercial, whose choice bits of wisdom include:

“I’ve never wanted to be anything… anything but a Mom.”


“You’re not a failure, you’re not insignificant [if you don’t have children]. It’s just a matter of getting there.”

No shit, lady. I was well aware of my human dignity before this stupid ass commercial. What worries me is the people who’ll watch it and suddenly start to wonder why she would even bring up words like “insignificant” and “failure” when it comes to fertility.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting kids. It does, however, really piss me off when fertility clinics try to drum up business by scaring people or making them question their self-worth.

Shame on you, Clarian Health.


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