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Anderson Cooper hates Paris Hilton 29 June, 2007

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I didn’t catch Paris Hilton’s interview with Larry King the other day, but according to Trent from Pink is the New Blog, I didn’t miss much.

His Pink-ness writes: I wasn’t at all surprised that she invoked God’s name in the first 10 minutes of the interview (saying something like God has a reason for everything) nor was I surprised to find that she was still blaming other people for what happened to her (instead of admitting that she violated her probation, she still made sure to note that it was her lawyer’s fault for giving her the wrong information).

Anderson Cooper, mega-hot fiercely intelligent journalist that he is, had a few things to say about Paris, Larry King’s soft-ball questions, and Paris’ lack of “appeal.” The clip also contains plenty of clips of Paris acting like an idiot, so enjoy!

I think my favorite part is when Larry asks Paris what her favorite Bible verse is, and Ms. Hilton looks like a dear in headlights. Even when she’s trying to act serious, it’s clear that, when it comes to Paris, there’s no there there.


2 Responses to “Anderson Cooper hates Paris Hilton”

  1. Dave Lubrano Says:

    I think Anderson Cooper is to intelligent to be commenting on the life of Paris Hilton. She made a mistake, just like countless other people have done. Now, what she has to do is never to have a DWI again bcause then she will do hard-time (numerous DWI’s lead to long terms in jail). Unfortunately, I got one las year (this girls hits me in parking lot, yet I get arrrested.) Now, the courts come down hard on people with DWI’s. Her best bet, install a device that does not allow the car to be started if you are intoxicated — that should be standard on all vechiles. Just think how the DWI lawyers would hate that.

  2. Nick Says:

    Anderson is too smart for that Paris crap, but his biting wit and blatant disgust with her was very entertaining to watch.

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