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I Blame You, Chris Matthews 29 June, 2007

Fabulous political blog Hysterical Raisins points out something so obvious and simple that, of course, I completely neglected to realize it. I’ve talked a little about Ann Coulter in the past and my feelings toward her are (putting it politely) a little less than warm. Something about her hateful vitriol and glee at calling people “faggot” sort of makes me want to keep my distance from her. and/or collapse her vocal cords.

I’ve wondered just why people even listen to Ann anymore, but now I get it. It’s all Chris Matthew’s fault.

Chris Matthews

Hysterical Raisins has some very insightful things to shout say: “Chris, you spitting, slobbering sack of shit! Why does she say that stuff? Ever think that maybe it’s because imbeciles like you give her air time and attention?”Of course, part of Chris’ tolerance of Ann must surely have something to do with the almighty quest for ratings. But, I don’t know… There seems to be something a bit deeper going on between these two.

And no, I’m not talking about sex. I haven’t had my coffee right now and I’m in way too fragile a state of mind to be able to stomach the thought of Chris and Ann doin’ the Baby Maker. What I’m talking about here is more like a father indulging his spoiled child, not realizing that he is the adult in this situation and needs to take control. More and more, Ann reminds me of Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka…

Veruca Salt and Mr. Salt

Chris, I’m talking to you right now… It’s your name on the show there, buddy. If one of your guests starts acting up, it’s your job to moderate the conversation so that the focus is on the issues at hand, not how bratty your daughter guest is acting.

I console myself with the fact that, at least in the world of Willy Wonka, people like this eventually do shut up.


4 Responses to “I Blame You, Chris Matthews”

  1. 2008voter Says:

    excellent post!!!
    Thank you!!!I knew that Chris Mathews is a very narrow minded sleazy partisan demagogue. But what he did is beneath even this guy. To invite Coulter to unleash Elisabeth Edwards waiting on a side? Besides that is it ridiculous, it is unethical. Unlike Coulter who as a private person is not limited by any rules other than constitution, this guy consider himself a professional political journalist. To pull stunt like that shows him for who he is indeed- a partisan clown

  2. feliza Says:

    You’ve got that right. What really annoys me is that, for some reason, there are STILL a lot of people out there who see this guy as an actual journalist! I don’t get it. If anybody compared this guy to say, Edward R. Murrow, it would be obvious that the word “journalist” should never apply to him.

  3. nonnie9999 Says:

    hey grumpy!
    thanks so much for linking over to hysterical raisins. it is greatly appreciated. your analogy is apt. it is like a teenager who keeps totaling his car. his parents keep buying him new cars to replace the ruined ones. he continues his behavior, and the parents, while replacing the cars, wonder why he keeps totalling his car. why doesn’t it occur to them that if they stop buying him cars, he won’t be able to crash them anymore?
    unfortunately, in this case, crashed cars means higher ratings. that is all that matters to media whores like chris matthews.

  4. frBangladesh Says:

    Good stuff- your comments on Amerrica’s degenerate crap. Ann Coulter — never saw her until now. Amazing someone like that can have any credibility — oh, she doesn’t. But people like to be amaaaaazed by what others dare to say.

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