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Lee Baca: Sheriff to the Stars 29 June, 2007

Filed under: Jail,Lee Baca,Paris Hilton,The Hiltons,Videos — feliza @ 1:00 pm

Like many of you, I found it ever-so-shady when Sheriff Lee Baca attempted to spring Paris from her prison cell just a few days into her sentence. Apparently Baca felt that Paris was suffering too much in jail because of her “claustrophobia.” Seriously, guys, when was the last time you heard of anyone being handed a Get Out of Jail Free Card for freaking claustrophobia?

This video makes me even more suspicious. No, there isn’t any proof that Baca was paid off by the Hiltons or caved under some sort of pressure, however one must inevitably wonder whether or not Sheriff Baca is as forthright as he claims to be.


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