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Hobbit News–Still Creepy-Looking 29 June, 2007

Filed under: Anthropology,Hobbit,Homo floresiensis — feliza @ 11:40 am

Meet Homo floresiensis–the extinct little man who is (possibly) going to give us silly Homo sapiens a run for our money when it comes to being the most interesting hominid in the last few million years.

Nicknamed “the Hobbit” because of its child-like size, H. floresiensis has been the subject of much continuing debate and inquiry since its discovery in 2003.

Hobbit's head

Thanks to, the coolest anthropology blog on the net.


One Response to “Hobbit News–Still Creepy-Looking”

  1. timaeolithic Says:

    Thanks a lot for the mention, and I think there will be one or two surprises to come from this story, especially as they’re back working in the cave, on the trail of more clues – nice blog btw, and all best wishes for it in the future – Tim

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