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USA: A-OK 1 July, 2007

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It’s always a good day when, as an American, I don’t feel like a total douchebag. The Nascent Observer brought some good news to me… erm, sort of.

Two things you should know about me: 1) I’m a bit of a Michael Moore fan and 2) I’ve never been to Canada. For those of you who are familiar with Moore’s film, Bowling for Columbine, rest assured that I, too, thought that Canada is the Land of Universal Health Care and Low Gun Crime.

“Free insulin for everybody!”

“Insulin for everybody!”

However, the Nascent Observer wants to clarify a little and let us know that “Canada isn’t as it’s portrayed.”

Shocking, I know. As it turns out, “while we [Canadians] do enjoy universal health care; it is under constant attack by government and big business. The quality of our health care is being steadily eroded as the government continues to try to implement a two-tier system against the wishes of the vast majority of Canadians.”

Hmm. So you’re telling me that Canada is, more or less, a lot like the rest of the world? That, just like in America, the public good can often be overshadowed by greedy corporations?


Well, in that case I’m just a little bit more proud to be American… for at least I know I’m at the mercy of the insurance companies.

And, well, just for giggles….


One Response to “USA: A-OK”

  1. Nice article; I loved it – you have quite the flair. 😉

    To give you a little more to smile about, sadly we don’t have low gun crime anymore either. While we may not be on the same scale of those few US Cities with chronic problems. Please remember to be cognisant that our perception is largely fueled by Hollywood. I in no way think it’s rampant across America, nor is it meant to be a slight on you our good neighbours.

    Our youth have developed a gun culture too, mimicking what is seen in movies such as “Colours”. I’m in no way suggesting that it’s rampant here either, but it is worsening. We are now experiencing what the media affectionately dubs the “Summer of the Gun”; into it’s third edition now. Here’s a story from last year –

    We aren’t too different, are we?

    Blame Canada, eh? This means WAR! 😉 😀

    Happy Independence Day in advance of the 4th.

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