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My Cervix, Myself 3 July, 2007

Filed under: Feminism,Religion,sexism,Spirituality,Videos — feliza @ 10:01 am

A woman’s worth is in her cervix… right? Anybody? Right?

Enjoy get really pissed off and want to break something because of this fine video by MistahJ77 about Mormon youth groups and their promotion of thoroughly fucked up gender roles. My favorite part is when he describes how girls are told that, should they become sexually active, they are nothing more than gross, chewed-up pieces of gum.

Not that I’m singling out Mormons here. I happen to think most organized Christian sects have a very misogynistic slant. Even from the beginning, Christianity has never been a very “equal opportunity” religion.

Check out this great article by De-Conversion, which says it a hell of a lot better than I could.

(Yeah, I know–suddenly I’m not talking about Paris Hilton or making funny jokes about Cats that Look Like Hitler. It’s a little jarring for me, too.)


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