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Paris Hilton Dog Food Sells for $305 3 July, 2007

I haven’t had my coffee yet, so I assumed that I was mistaken or confused… Alas, no. An empty can of dog food found in Paris’ trash can fetched a whopping $305 on eBay yesterday, courtesy of our friends at Hollywood Star Trash.

But that’s not all. It seems that folks are also willing to pay $305 for a used toothbrush, $510 for two envelopes, and $51 for an empty can of Coke.

Paris makes a fine offer

What the hell is going on here, people? I’m not even going to go into how gross it is to want somebody else’s used toothbrush–the thought is just too much for me right now.

And that’s not all Hollywood Star Trash is offering devoted PARISites.

Other “gently used” items up for grabs: Hilton’s used make-up, used deodorant, and used tissues and Q-tips.

Paris's other gently used items

Please understand that I’m not totally opposed to celebrity-type products. It’s just that if I want to feel closer to my favorite celebs, I’d much rather buy something that isn’t smeared with their DNA. How about a nifty product tie-in?

Today I found out from the always-nifty Off the Broiler that various 7-Eleven convenience stores have been turned into Kwik-E-Marts to promote the upcoming Simpsons Movie. Also look for: “Buzz Cola, KrustyO’s cereal and Squishees, the slushy drink knockoff of Slurpees.”

Now that’s the kind of celebrity junk that I’ll pay for.



One Response to “Paris Hilton Dog Food Sells for $305”

  1. […] yesterday I found out about, yet another marketing ploy for the new Simpsons Movie. Basically, you upload a head-shot of yourself and the Simpsonizer works […]

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