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Tommy Chong, will you be my baby daddy? 5 July, 2007

The ever-interesting Scholars and Rogues found an awesome vid of Tommy Chong putting the smack-down on that snarky bastard Neil Cavuto. The best part is when Cavuto behaves like the lame-ass he is and asks Chong if he’s “smoked anything” today. Chong replies that Cavuto might want to try it sometime–it’ll “open [his] eyes.”

Cavuto tells it like it is

I guess Chong’s been visiting FOX and MSNBC a lot lately in promotion of his new book, The I Chong. He’s clearly intelligent and can actually carry on a conversation–which means he’s very out-of-place on shows like Cavuto’s. I checked YouTube for some more Tommy Chong goodness and found this little slice of hilarity…

And yes, just like Cavuto, the MSNBC anchor is soon at a loss for words in the face of Chong’s simple logic. She then also resorts to asking Chong if he is high… which we all know is very mature. I know that’s what I do when someone disagrees with me.

Old hippies are the coolest, aren’t they?


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