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The Simpsonized Humanist 17 July, 2007

Filed under: Product Tie-Ins,Simpsonize Me,Simpsons Movie — feliza @ 10:35 am

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since I last posted. Luckily, not too much dust has gathered on this blog–at least I don’t think so, anyway. For those of you who might be interested, rest assured that your Grumpy Humanist has not been up to anything spectacularly interesting these past few days, other than reading way too much and not budgeting my time.


So yesterday I found out about, yet another marketing ploy for the new Simpsons Movie. Basically, you upload a head-shot of yourself and the Simpsonizer works its magic. A very fun diversion, though some people seem to take it a bit too seriously. But then again, when doesn’t New York Magazine take itself seriously? Oh well.

The Simpsonized Humanist


However, it appears that the Simpsonizer does work for those of us who aren’t burdened by an entirely crushing sense of self-importance. I think that the Simpsonizer tolerates (at the most) a medium-sized sense of importance, as evidenced by its acceptance of my photo.


6 Responses to “The Simpsonized Humanist”

  1. joe Says:

    Agh it wont work ive waited half an hour still nothing just a donut.

  2. joe Says:

    how long did it take for you?

  3. feliza Says:

    Funny you should ask. It was a bit of a process for me, as well. First, it wouldn’t accept any of the pics I had on my hard drive, so I took a new one against a white wall. This seemed to be more fitting for their specs, unfortunately by the time I tried to Simpsonize myself again, the website had maxed out their bandwith and so I had to wait until the following evening.

    Then I got Simpsonized. THEN Internet Explorer crashed and I lost everything.

    Ahem. So then I tried again the next morning with the same pic and the Simpsonizer said the pic wouldn’t work (this after a five-minute or so wait). So I retried it and then was successfully Simpsonized again after another five-minute wait.

    Overall, I think the process worked a bit more smoothly on my Mac as opposed to my PCs (I play for both teams.) Not sure why you had to wait a half-hour though. Maybe it depends on time of day?

  4. poop Says:

    I just get a white pic after my pic has been ‘Simpsonized’, incredibly annoying.

  5. dede Says:

    hey hey hey how does this work

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