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New Cybook: Sony, you got served! 27 July, 2007

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As you all know by now, I’m a devoted Sony Reader junkie, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like me some spicy ebook news. Like many of you, I’ve been waiting anxiously for updates about the new Cybook. Judging from the new info, the Cybook Gen3 (which will be out this very September) should be one hot tamale, indeed.

Sexy Beast

Bookeens new product looks stunningly thin: it is the size of a paperback, the thickness of a magazine, for a weight of only 6.1 ounces (174 g). It boasts an impressive battery life of 8,000 page flips, allowing for an average reading time of 1 month without recharging. The device is compatible with all USB enabled computers, independently from the operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) and also offers an SD slot for virtually unlimited library storage space.

Compatible with Mac, you say? Oh, that’s hot. Given that the Sony Reader is only for PC users, I’ve had to steal my husband’s computer a time or two to upload content. It would be nice to be able to use my trusty Mac for that.

Also: “Following its original open and multi-format strategy, Bookeen offers a true freedom of use regarding supported documents formats. Cybook owners are free to read personal and public domain content. On the Cybook, you don’t need to convert your files to an exotic format or upload them to any proprietary web site.

Ooooh no you didn’t!

Sony Reader, you just got effed in the a!

It's On!



2 Responses to “New Cybook: Sony, you got served!”

  1. Gerry Says:

    That’s a nice looking device! I like its clean and minimal physical design. I hope the software design is up to the same standard. And yep, you have to love the Mac support!

  2. feliza Says:

    I haven’t been able to handle a Cybook Gen3 personally–I’m not that important a blogger–but if the software is as good as the specs, it sounds like the Sony Reader has some serious competition in its price range. Bookeen seems to be going the opposite direction that Sony is going–that is, the Cybook is non-proprietary, very friendly to the kinds of ebooks already out there.

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