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Ebooks on iPhone (at last) 27 July, 2007

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Today seems to be chocked-full of spicy ebook tidbits…

There has been some talk about the possibility of ebooks on the iPhone, however Mike Cane has linked to some nice examples of not only books, but graphic novels, as read on the iPhone’s super-sexy screen.

Graphic novel on iPhone

 All I can say is… wow. Wow, wow, wow.


New Cybook: Sony, you got served!

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As you all know by now, I’m a devoted Sony Reader junkie, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like me some spicy ebook news. Like many of you, I’ve been waiting anxiously for updates about the new Cybook. Judging from the new info, the Cybook Gen3 (which will be out this very September) should be one hot tamale, indeed.

Sexy Beast

Bookeens new product looks stunningly thin: it is the size of a paperback, the thickness of a magazine, for a weight of only 6.1 ounces (174 g). It boasts an impressive battery life of 8,000 page flips, allowing for an average reading time of 1 month without recharging. The device is compatible with all USB enabled computers, independently from the operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) and also offers an SD slot for virtually unlimited library storage space.

Compatible with Mac, you say? Oh, that’s hot. Given that the Sony Reader is only for PC users, I’ve had to steal my husband’s computer a time or two to upload content. It would be nice to be able to use my trusty Mac for that.

Also: “Following its original open and multi-format strategy, Bookeen offers a true freedom of use regarding supported documents formats. Cybook owners are free to read personal and public domain content. On the Cybook, you don’t need to convert your files to an exotic format or upload them to any proprietary web site.

Ooooh no you didn’t!

Sony Reader, you just got effed in the a!

It's On!



Can they even dye my Wii to match my gown? 8 July, 2007

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Dorothy Gale gets sassy

Right. I’ll try to keep the random Wizard of Oz references to a minimum for the rest of the post, I swear.

Anyway, this morning I found out from the always-informative Sickr that a “new and improved” Wii should be available this very winter. So what are the improvements to come, you ask?  Will the new Wii have more online, interactive content like the Xbox 360? Will you be able to download movies and TV shows?

Alas, no. As it turns out, the new Wii “will be essentially the same as the current Wii models but has the added ability to play DVD movies and will be offered in multiple colors, including Black.

Well, I guess any improvement is better than no improvements. But will it come in blue plaid?


Seriously–When do the ebooks come out? 30 June, 2007

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You’ll recall that there has been a little bit of talk regarding the possibility of the iPhone as an ebook reading device.  

Not having had the chance to mess around with the iPhone myself, I’m taking it from Mike Cane that the device might be more than up to the task. Mike got to play with the iPhone and has this to say:

“That screen is to die for! It is so bright, it’s practically religious! No, really!”


“That soft keyboard — hey, it worked pretty much all right. I was very surprised at how responsive it was.”


So far the iPhone boasts a good screen and the ability to take notes. Not to mention the potential ease of acquiring information directly from the interweb. Sounds like a really great platform for ebook reading to me.

(Are you there, Steve Jobs? It’s me, the Grumpy Humanist…)


My Defense for the $300 Book 27 June, 2007

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There have been some rather scathing reviews of my beloved Sony Reader–complaints of “funky” controls, no backlight, and slow software. It sounds kind of weird, but I’m starting to take these kind of personally. Most you know that I actually have a Facebook group devoted to the little machine–such is the extent of my devotion.



So why did I buy this little gadget? Surely a broke college student like myself would see the redundancy of buying a $300 dollar ebook reader when, really, it doesn’t do that much more than a regular book.