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Fun with Fundies: Harry Potter edition 6 July, 2007

It’s that time once again. I’m sure you know that we’re just a few weeks away from the seventh and final installment of the Harry Potter series. Whether you are a fan or not, it’s hard to miss the big cardboard displays at your local bookstore.

Soon, there’ll be throngs of impressionable children getting all hot and bothered over witchcraft.

Harry Potter fans tell it like it is

Yes, indeed. I happen to know a couple of nine-year-olds who converted from Catholicism just because of the Potter books.



Awww… 28 June, 2007

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Yes, I’m grumpy, but I’m not made of stone.


Courtesy of muy bueno blog of adorable, Ke Cute.


An Open Letter to Small-Breed Dog Owners

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Dear Small-Breed Dog Owners,

Open letters are all the rage these days. Paris Hilton, Candy Spelling… Trend-setters, both of them.

I’m writing you today not to criticize, but to begin a dialogue. First let me say that I love all dogs regardless of size and price tag, so your little Maltiwhassit is just as majestic as any Great Dane, German Shepherd, or other real large dog.

Little dog in a cute sweater
You know you want me

Yesterday I stopped by the WellPets Economy Clinic to get some low-cost shots for my little border collie/beagle mix puppy, Alex. There were several other small-breed dog owners there and I have a few observations I’d like to share with you. Certainly, my perspective is that of an outsider, but sometimes a little distance can allow one to see clearly.