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Can they even dye my Wii to match my gown? 8 July, 2007

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Dorothy Gale gets sassy

Right. I’ll try to keep the random Wizard of Oz references to a minimum for the rest of the post, I swear.

Anyway, this morning I found out from the always-informative Sickr that a “new and improved” Wii should be available this very winter. So what are the improvements to come, you ask?  Will the new Wii have more online, interactive content like the Xbox 360? Will you be able to download movies and TV shows?

Alas, no. As it turns out, the new Wii “will be essentially the same as the current Wii models but has the added ability to play DVD movies and will be offered in multiple colors, including Black.

Well, I guess any improvement is better than no improvements. But will it come in blue plaid?